A Weight Loss Guide For Single Men

Are you a single man trying hard to stay in shape? It can be easy to let go and eat anything and everything you fancy. If you have been browsing for useful weightloss info and looking for ways to lose those extra pounds, here are a few ideas:

Hearty Breakfast

It is a common saying that one must eat his breakfast like a king. Men should not forget their breakfast and just grab a coffee and sandwich or a donut on the go. A good hearty breakfast, first thing in the morning will keep you fuller longer.

Scramble couple of eggs and have it with some sausages on the side. Neither is it too hard to cook nor does it take much of your time in the morning.

Switch The Snack

Do you like to snack on chips with a special dip during the game or when you get home and settle in front of your TV? Opt for nuts instead. Not only will it be filling, but it will be a crunchy snack that can add more essential nutrients to your body rather than fat and cholesterol.


Eat 3 hearty meals a day along with 3 snacks. Opt for healthy snack options, so that you can load on good essential fats and nutrients and not just load on calories and gain weight. this will also keep you full at all times and have you reaching out for those unhealthy processed foods when you are hungry.

Weight Training

One should not forget exercise. Apart from eating healthy, a man should also work out to ensure he can burn all those calories he is eating and stay fit. Lifting weights will burn fat and help you build muscles. Your metabolism rate will also increase, thus helping you digest all the food you consume.

Drink Sensibly

Having a drink once in a while is perfectly fine. But if you are going to load on alcohol every night, you need to work it out the next morning, to ensure it does not settle around your mid-region. Also, avoid the snacking while drinking as this is what makes you gain weight.