What Are the Rules Of Chastity And Dating

Dating and chastity are closely related to each other. Yes, it is essential for a person to follow the principles and the basics of chastity while on a date with a girl because this is when there are all possibilities for both of them to cross limits and lose their chastity. So, how to be chaste on a date? Here are some simple rules from lock the cock that would make you stay within limits at the same time get to know and understand if you can lose your chaste with that person on a relationship agreement for a lifetime.

  • First and foremost, it is very important for a person to know and understand that a date is just a date wherein a person or a man gets to know about a woman completely and it is an opportunity for him to know if the girl can become his life partner and be the mother of his children. A date is just that in contrary to what it is today. So if you know and understand this, a date would go smoothly without any hard feelings and guilt.
  • Dress up well for the occasion, modestly and decently so that you do not invite people to get attracted to you. Always try to stay away from closed walls or a locked up car that too alone.
  • Try to have the date day fully packed with some activities back to back so that you spend the day well knowing each other and also make it a productive one.
  • Most importantly do not borrow or become indebted to a person which would force you to have a meeting for the second time. Of course, the meeting is not a bad idea but definitely not for such purposes.
  • Just stop with a casual kiss, a friendly hug or a peck. This is permissible on a chaste date.