What women want from marriage

زواج, is the culmination of two people’s love for each other. Both the partners have many expectations from each other as they come together. Most couples realize this and try to fulfill their dreams in the journey of their married life. Women and men have many expectations from each other; some of these are well known and some are very personal and may not be expressed easily.

Love obviously is the foundation, and it is the first expectation that women have from their partners. This is not just physical or temporary love. This love is seen in every action and yet needs to be expressed as often as possible. Whether you are tired or angry, together or away from each other, you must express your love to your spouse.

Women are emotional and more romantic by nature. They love it when their partner is romantic too and that keeps the spark in their marriage alive. An occasional flower, small gifts or a lovely message will make her happy and some time together will make any woman fall in love with her partner again and again.

Women are more organized and can multitask. They love it when their partners are ready to change their habits and adapt to being more organized. Who does not like a partner who is flexible and does not mind helping them in keeping the home tidy. She would love it more when her husband helps her in the chores and shares all the responsibilities.

Women like it when they can admit their mistakes to their husbands and they forgive and forget easily. The past mistakes should not be raked up and this is something that both the partners should remember, to maintain the harmony in life and equally important is to admit the mistake and apologize for it. Women also expect that they can share their thoughts with each other.

Apart from being a couple and parents, they can be good friends and must be able to feel free to share their dreams, ambitions, and desires freely. A woman appreciates a man who does not judge her but accepts her as she is with her faults and fulfills the promises made at the time of marriage.…