Ultimate Guide to Maintain Designer Handbags

If you have been finding the perfect guide to maintain your designer handbags and keep them as beautiful as they were the day you bought them, you have definitely reached the right place. It is important for you to know that maintaining your bags is as significant as nurturing any other essential thing in your life. Just buying them is not enough; you need to make an effort to maintain them too on a regular basis.  I love my Gucci bag and make sure that I do every possible thing to keep its look and make intact.

No matter how expensive or reasonable your new designer handbag is, you should always try to maintain its charm. How to do it? Find some of the most helpful tips below.

How to maintain designer handbags

You can look after your precious asset of handbags by following the below given tips:

  • Make sure that you do not place your bag on the floor too much. The bag will keep absorbing the dust and ultimately spoil its look.
  • If your hands our dirty, ensure to not touch the bag. The bag will absorb all the oil and dirt present in your hands and start looking old very soon.
  • Don’t wash them too much as the chemical substances will retain on the bag, thus spoiling its quality and look.
  • One important tip is to never store the handbags inside plastic covers as these covers block ventilation and does not allow moisture to move outside. As a result of this, the bags stay wet for most of the time.
  • Keep using a good leather conditioner on your leather bag regularly. This will guard the bag from getting any kinds of cracks on them.
  • Never over-stuff your handbag or carry extra things in it as it will lay unnecessary strain on the handles as well as strap.
  • Never rush while opening the zip of your handbags. You might end up pulling it too strongly, thus breaking the chain.

If you follow such steps regularly, your designer handbags will surely survive for a really long time.…

Top 21 Good Questions To Ask Girls You Like

Now, that all the initially wooing is over, you are faced with a different problem. Without making her feel uncomfortable, you want to know more about her and tell her more about yourself. But the big question you are facing now is how and what to ask her. Which are the safe questions which girls are comfortable with? Which questions intimidate them? What should you ask to make her like you more and so on?

So here is a list of 21 good questions for girls which you can safely ask and enjoy being in each other’s company too.

  1. What are things you like to do?
  2. Tell me some of your favorite childhood memories.
  3. Do you like to go out with friends or family?
  4. Tell about the best gift you ever got and why you like it?
  5. Now, tell me the best gift that you gave someone and why?
  6. Were you ever caught doing something embarrassing but funny too when you were a kid?
  7. If you got a chance to visit a place you always dreamt of visiting, where would you go?
  8. What is it that you like about you dream destination?
  9. How do see yourself a couple of years from now?
  10. Do you like kids?
  11. Tell me your favorite movie?
  12. Who is your favorite actor and what do you like about him?
  13. What are the qualities that attract you to someone?
  14. Tell me your favorite song and who would you like to listen to it with?
  15. Do you like pets?
  16. Which is your favorite pet?
  17. Do you think you are ready for a relationship?
  18. Any bad experiences which you learned something from?
  19. Tell me more about your best friends?
  20. Which perfume do you wear?
  21. I like you a lot. Can we be good friends?

These questions are tried and tested questions and will never fail to impress any girl So ask away and woo the girl you like.…