A Weight Loss Guide For Single Men

Are you a single man trying hard to stay in shape? It can be easy to let go and eat anything and everything you fancy. If you have been browsing for useful weightloss info and looking for ways to lose those extra pounds, here are a few ideas:

Hearty Breakfast

It is a common saying that one must eat his breakfast like a king. Men should not forget their breakfast and just grab a coffee and sandwich or a donut on the go. A good hearty breakfast, first thing in the morning will keep you fuller longer.

Scramble couple of eggs and have it with some sausages on the side. Neither is it too hard to cook nor does it take much of your time in the morning.

Switch The Snack

Do you like to snack on chips with a special dip during the game or when you get home and settle in front of your TV? Opt for nuts instead. Not only will it be filling, but it will be a crunchy snack that can add more essential nutrients to your body rather than fat and cholesterol.


Eat 3 hearty meals a day along with 3 snacks. Opt for healthy snack options, so that you can load on good essential fats and nutrients and not just load on calories and gain weight. this will also keep you full at all times and have you reaching out for those unhealthy processed foods when you are hungry.

Weight Training

One should not forget exercise. Apart from eating healthy, a man should also work out to ensure he can burn all those calories he is eating and stay fit. Lifting weights will burn fat and help you build muscles. Your metabolism rate will also increase, thus helping you digest all the food you consume.

Drink Sensibly

Having a drink once in a while is perfectly fine. But if you are going to load on alcohol every night, you need to work it out the next morning, to ensure it does not settle around your mid-region. Also, avoid the snacking while drinking as this is what makes you gain weight.…

What Are the Rules Of Chastity And Dating

Dating and chastity are closely related to each other. Yes, it is essential for a person to follow the principles and the basics of chastity while on a date with a girl because this is when there are all possibilities for both of them to cross limits and lose their chastity. So, how to be chaste on a date? Here are some simple rules from lock the cock that would make you stay within limits at the same time get to know and understand if you can lose your chaste with that person on a relationship agreement for a lifetime.

  • First and foremost, it is very important for a person to know and understand that a date is just a date wherein a person or a man gets to know about a woman completely and it is an opportunity for him to know if the girl can become his life partner and be the mother of his children. A date is just that in contrary to what it is today. So if you know and understand this, a date would go smoothly without any hard feelings and guilt.
  • Dress up well for the occasion, modestly and decently so that you do not invite people to get attracted to you. Always try to stay away from closed walls or a locked up car that too alone.
  • Try to have the date day fully packed with some activities back to back so that you spend the day well knowing each other and also make it a productive one.
  • Most importantly do not borrow or become indebted to a person which would force you to have a meeting for the second time. Of course, the meeting is not a bad idea but definitely not for such purposes.
  • Just stop with a casual kiss, a friendly hug or a peck. This is permissible on a chaste date.

Fun Alternative Things To Do On Dates

You are done with the flowers, you are done with the blushes, you are done with the dining out and you are completely done with the awkwardness of the first few dates. Both you are your partner might now be feeling the need to be more and do more and if you have a kinky partner-to-be, you might have just struck gold. Plain vanilla is boring and gets monotonous for a while but what stays interesting forever is the kink. A few of the alternative things that you could do with your partner on a date night are getting interesting sex toys, buy good lubricants, massage gels, explore each other’s ultimate fantasies and indulge in them etc.

Interested in Butt Plugs but how?

A lot of beginners find the idea of using butt plugs petrifying. If you are adventurous enough and trust your partner, there is no reason why you cannot use a butt plug. However, it is quintessential to use a proper lubricant for the act. There are a number of options in this regard and it totally depends on the material.

The best option is to use a water-based lubricant because it will not react with the materials of the anal toys. If you plan to use the butt plugs for a longer stretch, opt for an oil or silicon-based lube. If you want to play it safe, use any type of butt plug with toys that are either made of plastic, metal or vinyl.

Retaining the fun

Most couples love having sex after using anal toys but if you have used an oil-based lubricant, your condom might react to it and not be effective at all. So, if you plan on having great sex later, use a water or a silicon-based lubricant for the best results.

To understand butt plugs and lubricants better, you can find more information at Love Plugs.…

Keep The Spark Alive Quotes

Every relationship has a magic in it and once this is found, you will be able to understand each other better. But understanding or realizing this is not a simple thing for you might have to sacrifice many things and be patient. A relationship is built on trust, love, and understanding for each other. Only when all these are found together in both the make and the female, would the relationship last for long. A marriage relationship is not all about sex and lust but there is much more and it is a vow that both the man and the woman take to share their everything in the years to come. So there needs to be everything in this relationship, all feelings, all attitudes, all in the correct measures to taste the fruits of success and love in the relationship. One with all this is probably the best and the most romantic ones. And the dates that the man and woman plan should pave the way for this. So try making your dates an enjoyable and successful one with some creative gift ideas for your girlfriend.

Here are some beautiful phrases that talk about how a relationship could be kept alive and going by both the partners.

  • `I love you` – there cannot be anything better than this for a man and a woman in a relationship. Everything is explained in plain and full with just these three words. And when you are uttering this, you would feel that nerve of love and affection for her and this is when you are in true and real love. This would make any person fall for you however and in whatever bad mood they are. So try telling this to make things happen in your life.
  • ` I miss you` – another very powerful phrase which would turn anybody down for you. you.

Top 21 Good Questions To Ask Girls You Like

Now, that all the initially wooing is over, you are faced with a different problem. Without making her feel uncomfortable, you want to know more about her and tell her more about yourself. But the big question you are facing now is how and what to ask her. Which are the safe questions which girls are comfortable with? Which questions intimidate them? What should you ask to make her like you more and so on?

So here is a list of 21 good questions for girls which you can safely ask and enjoy being in each other’s company too.

  1. What are things you like to do?
  2. Tell me some of your favorite childhood memories.
  3. Do you like to go out with friends or family?
  4. Tell about the best gift you ever got and why you like it?
  5. Now, tell me the best gift that you gave someone and why?
  6. Were you ever caught doing something embarrassing but funny too when you were a kid?
  7. If you got a chance to visit a place you always dreamt of visiting, where would you go?
  8. What is it that you like about you dream destination?
  9. How do see yourself a couple of years from now?
  10. Do you like kids?
  11. Tell me your favorite movie?
  12. Who is your favorite actor and what do you like about him?
  13. What are the qualities that attract you to someone?
  14. Tell me your favorite song and who would you like to listen to it with?
  15. Do you like pets?
  16. Which is your favorite pet?
  17. Do you think you are ready for a relationship?
  18. Any bad experiences which you learned something from?
  19. Tell me more about your best friends?
  20. Which perfume do you wear?
  21. I like you a lot. Can we be good friends?

These questions are tried and tested questions and will never fail to impress any girl So ask away and woo the girl you like.…